Domestic Violence is unacceptable in any situation. Typically domestic violence victims will file for a temporary restraining order, a service we provide. So if you are a victim of domestic violence please contact us for sure, we can get you an emergency restraining order to make sure you are safe.

However there are times when you have no idea that you have done anything wrong, but have been served with a temporary restraining order. Now this can be very daunting and scary because a stranger simply walks up to you, serves you an envelope that you know nothing about and when you open it, there is a whole stack of court papers that tell you what you cannot be doing with your spouseĀ and possibly children as well. All of a sudden, you are escorted out of the house and you are expected to find your feet, wait 3 weeks for the hearing and hope that all goes well. This is when you need an attorney for Domestic Violence Defense.

If this is you, please call us immediately for you own protection. Not all victims are victims. If you truly are guilty and have done something wrong, you will also need representation – Domestic Violence Defense. There are ways to minimize any penalties or punishments. We will read through your case, talk through the events and ensure that you are taking every step to protect yourself from landing in jail. A violation of any temporary restraining order will cause you to go to jail. Preparing for the hearing is also stressful because there are various facets that require review and preparation before the hearing. We don’t judge you for what you may or may not have done, but work through the issues so you get a fair hearing and outcome. This includes assault and battery cases. For example if you have hit your spouse or pushed them, talk to us about defending your case. Was it self defense? Walk us through what happened and we will provide you with our best recommendations and handle all legal matters to remove the stress away from you.

Call us for an appointment at either our Long Beach or Anaheim offices atĀ (562) 999-3774


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