Divorce in itself is stressful but some couples are fortunate enough to both want the same thing. Should you wish to mediate your divorce as oppose to litigate it in court, we can certainly help you. Divorce Mediation is an amicable process, it can be painful but both parties tend to want to end the relationship and move on without a fight. We welcome people from all walks of life at our office, including same-sex couples, those who have been married over 25 years and want a change, all ethnicities and many more. We have attorneys who are able to speak, English, Spanish and Mandarin. It is important that you call us, make an appointment with one of our attorneys so that you can find out for yourself what your options are. Divorce Mediation is known to be a lower overall cost strategy in obtaining a divorce. Call us at (562) 999-3774

If you are not in an amicable situation with your soon to be ex, please see our services under Divorce and if there is a child or children involved please see our section on Child Custody issues.

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