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We provide a wide range of legal representation for divorces from filing separation dates, finalizing simple and complex asset divorces, child custody and visitation issues and many more. Yes we work with all communities, all ethnicities and are very sensitive to various different cultures and family dynamics. Our aim is not to work towards litigating a divorce but to find a peaceful resolution for your divorce. At the end of the day we want what is best for you but should you have any children it is best to keep the conflict to a minimum. With that please see our Divorce Mediation section on this website, there are so many benefits to divorce mediation.

Complex Assets Cases

Some of us have accumulated a lot of wealth and when it comes to a divorce this part of the legal proceeding can be very challenging. Often enough the facts get in the way of emotions and there are issues on which party is awarded the wealth. We work very closely with forensic accountants and business attorneys to ensure that should a detailed investigation and audit be done, there are experts who can step in to provide the right evidence to ensure you get a fair trial and ultimately a fair outcome. After all you were part of the marriage and worked to be part of that wealth accumulation, you deserve 50% of it and we will help you fight for it.

Complex Asset Cases can take a long time to resolve, which is why it is important to come in, speak with our team of experts and get the right steps in moving forward. You don’t want to start-off on the wrong path and delay the outcome, pay additional attorneys fees and not follow up with an aggressive and fact-based discovery process.

We have offices in Long Beach and Anaheim, our attorneys speak, English, Spanish and Mandarin. It will be our pleasure to represent you, for an initial consultation please call us at (562) 999-3774.

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