Both parents are legally obligated to support their child whether or not they have custody or visitation. In most instances child support is paid from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. If the parents spend the same amount of time with their children and earn the same amount of money, then in most instances there is no child support. The amount of child support is directly related to the percentage of time with the child and income of each parent.

Child support is based upon the guidelines established by the State. The issues of medical insurance and day care are also considered in the calculation of child support. The court can deviate from the guidelines when special circumstances apply.

At Desai Family Law Group we are well versed in handling child support cases involving self employed parents, commission based salary, bonuses, taxable and non-taxable income. We also handle cases involving a parent who is unemployed or underemployed warranting the imputation of income

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