If your child is being wrongfully withheld in another state, you must hire an interstate child custody attorney. You have limited time to commence an action for the return of your most prized possession. It is imperative that you retain an experienced attorney that is able to work with attorneys from other states or nations to secure the return of your child.

A California court will not act on a custody order in cases where another state has jurisdiction over the matter until it assumes jurisdiction usually after a hearing on the matter. A state has jurisdiction if it is the child’s “home state,” meaning that the child lived there for the six months prior to the litigation. Jurisdiction can be further supported if one of the parents still lives in the child’s home state. The purpose behind the UCCJEA is to avoid interstate custody disputes and encourage cooperation between states.

Not just any family law attorney can handle a child custody case between parents in different states. We can navigate through this complex jurisdictional process. We represent parents and spouses who live in other states and need local representation in matters of interstate custody and visitation disputes and interstate child support issues.

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