Swati-S.-Desai-175With the passage of time it is common for families to modify their custody arrangement. What works for a child in their younger years may not work in their teen years. As children grow, their needs change. Parents’ needs may change too if they find a new job, new partner or a need to relocate. Either parent may petition to modify the child custody order if there is a significant change in circumstances. You will be required to attend mediation prior to the hearing. If your child is expressing a desire to change the custodial arrangement then there are a variety of ways in which to request this in your documents.

We can help you negotiate an agreement without a court hearing and enter the agreement as a court order. In the event a hearing is necessary, we would prepare you for a court hearing. We are happy to pursue settlement, but we are litigators at heart who are ready to fight for you in the courtroom.

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