The laws and stereotypes have evolved to recognize that children of broken relationships and divorce need a meaningful relationship with both parents. However, this does not negate or minimize the fact that a mother has a substantial impact on the best interests of the child.

For parents the most contentious and difficult issue in a divorce or paternity action are usually the child custody arrangements for the children. California is not a mom’s state or a dad’s state for child custody proceedings. The court must consider what is in the best interests of the child.

There are many different types of schedules under California law. Our attorneys will fight for the schedule that is in the best interests of your minor children. We have litigated many child custody trials and have settled many more child custody cases by agreement of the parties and without the necessity of a custody trial. When necessary, we will recommend the use of independently retained child psychologists to assist in the preparation of a custody case.

If you are a mother going through a divorce, paternity or child custody action, then Desai Family Law Group is here to protect your rights.

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