Grandparents can play an intricate role in families. Grandparent visitation rights are determined based upon a pre-existing relationship that has engendered a bond. If you are a grandparent and are being prohibited from exercising visitation with your grandchild with whom you have an established relationship with, then you may have rights available to you. The more involved a grandparent is with the child, the greater the likelihood that the court will find there is an engendered bond. Grandparent visitations are not granted liberally as the court will presume that fit parents can act in the child’s best interest.

If you are a parent objecting to a request for grandparent visitation then it is important that you hire a grandparents rights lawyer immediately to articulate the reasons for why such a request would not be in the child’s best interests. Swati Desai and her team are knowledgeable in the area of grandparent visitation rights and will vigorously help assert your position to the court in the light most favorable to you.

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