Child custody can be the most contentious issue a divorce, legal separation or paternity case. A custody dispute takes a toll on the parents and the children. You need an iron clad custody agreement to avoid any future disputes with the other parent which will in turn minimize conflict and stress.

If you have tried to reach an amicable resolution with the other parent without success, then it is time that you engage the services of a child custody attorney to represent your interests. Whether you need a child custody attorney to negotiate a custody arrangement or advocate in court, at Desai Family Law Group we know that your child is your most prized and precious possession and we strive to achieve the custody arrangement you want.

At Desai Family Law Group we are experienced negotiators who can help reach an agreement with the other parent in even the most contentious cases. If informal negotiations do not work then formal negotiations with a mediator might be fruitful.

If we are unable to reach a resolution and a child custody hearing is necessary we will prepare you so you are not anxious when testifying. We will explain how the information you provide during direct and cross examination will affect the outcome of your case.

At Desai Family Law Group, our child custody attorneys have the experience to stand up for you and your child during a child custody dispute.

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