Father’s Custody Rights

Many fathers have the misconception that their custody rights are less than that of a mother. This is completely false. We live in a society where in many cases both parents are working or employers will give flexibility with work schedules to accommodate a custody arrangement. If a father gives up based upon prejudices of the past then they are not giving themselves a fair chance.

If you have been served with a custody action then you need to empower yourself about the law. Failing to learn how a child custody proceeding works in California may be detrimental to your case. It doesn’t stop there. Once you learn how the legal system works, you need to formulate a plan of action on how to maximize your time with your child. After setting up a plan, you need to fight for your rights as a father.

Swati Desai is passionate about fathers’ custody rights. At Desai Family Law Group we understand the frustration that men feel and we can help. Don’t get lost in the system and give in to a custody arrangement that you are not 100% satisfied with. We see men getting frustrated and acquiescing to unreasonable orders which is a big mistake.

If you are served with a custody action then you must act quickly. Don’t delay making the most important decision you may ever make. Obtaining incorrect legal advice from family or friends is a big mistake. A child custody attorney can help exert your custody rights.

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