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Historical precedent in matters of child custody rarely, if ever, considered the wishes of the child. Today, when specific criteria's are met, family court judges go to great lengths to give the child’s perspective due weight in custody proceedings. California Family Code section 3042 delineates the rights of children to voice a preference to their...

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Blended families, or stepfamilies, are more common today than they have ever been in modern U.S. history. While blended families come in all shapes and sizes, the legal definition of a stepparent and his or her role is quite specific. A parent is only considered a stepparent once they marry someone with children of their own. Stepparents are basically...

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Each state’s child custody laws are ostensibly designed to prioritize the best interests of the child in determining a parenting plan. California prides itself on fair and progressive handling of child custody, defaulting to 50/50 custody between parents whenever geographically convenient, with few exceptions. The system sounds reasonable in theory,...

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You and your wife have come to the conclusion that your marriage has reached a point of irreconcilable differences. Now you are faced with the unavoidable issues of divorce and child custody. Why would it be best for the mother of your children to be given primary custody of your children?   As a father, you honestly want what is in the best interests of...

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It is uncertain about the precise origin of the term “narcissism”. Scholars speculate that the most logical origin would be Greek mythology. There are many versions of the Greek myth about Narcissus but the most accepted version is by Ovid. According to the myth a young handsome Greek lad by the name of Narcissus is walking through the woods. He is...

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