Psychologists recognize the importance of both parents taking part in raising children and not just the mother. Fatherhood cannot be underemphasized, especially when there are little girls involved. I can attest to this theory. When I was in a piano recital, choir recital or receiving an honorary award or academic scholarship, and I looked out into the audience, there was no doubt in my mind that both of my parents were in the audience rooting me on. Knowing that they were always there for me gave me self-confidence and encouraged me to be a high achiever.

Conversely, in times of duress it becomes glaringly obvious how well a person parents. My children were not blessed in the same way I was. My husband was physically present, but was not very active in parenting. For example, one evening I was running late after a management meeting at work. I pulled into the driveway at about 7:30 p.m. The children came running out of the house telling me they were very hungry. My husband was home and working on his truck in the front yard. He said they did not tell him they were hungry. If my husband and I had divorced, then I don’t doubt that he would have stepped up to the plate because I knew our children were the center of his world. Fathers are important in the role of parenting. Stand up and fight for your children and your rights. You are part of the recipe for their lives and success!

For example, you have recently separated from your wife and children. When you drop by to check in, sometimes the children are alone and you become concerned about their needs being met. You never seem to find meals cooked for them. First, you need to objectively look into the situation. Talk to your children without putting words in their mouths. Try to set up a meeting with your children’s mother so you can sit down and discuss any concerns.

Once you accurately assessed the situation and have determined the children’s welfare would be more optimal if you had full custody, where do you begin? In most cases, about 80 percent, mothers win full custody of the children in a divorce. It may appear that women have all the rights when it comes to being awarded custody, but that is not accurate. Fathers do have the same right to file for full custody of their children. They do not even have to be married to the mother of their children to get full custody. Since you will be delving into a maternal biased environment by filing for sole or primary custody, it is highly recommended that you retain legal representation. There are attorneys that specialize in family law with a specialization in child custody such as Desai Family Law Group. It is highly recommended that you select legal representation that is experienced in these types of cases. This step of filing for custody will be complicated so it will be important to have someone that is not only competent but also compassionate advocating for your rights as a father. Your attorney should be a good fit for you. Once you have made a selection the process will begin. Your attorney can tell you what to expect and whether or not your children are of the age to have their wishes considered by the court. You may have to do some rearranging of your schedule to obtain primary physical custody.

The role of your attorney is to educate you and walk you through the process of filing for custody. There is nothing more empowering than walking into a court room with a competent and zealous attorney by your side. There is a certain amount of preparation that needs to be completed before appearing before a judge. Let Desai Family Law Group guide you in this process

In summary, it is important for children to have both parents equally involved in their lives. However, if problems arise and this is not possible there are resources out there to support you in your journey to file for custody for your children as a father. Fathers do have rights.


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